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Revoir un printemps… #leDéserteur #Art #App #Littérature…

Revoir un printemps… #leDéserteur #Art #App #Littérature…

Revoir un printemps… #leDéserteur #Art #App #Literature #Experience #Experimentation #Exhibition

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I’m a subculture that takes no prisoners

It was as if their eyes were telling me to go back to the box that they had so graciously assigned me and let me rot in peace… Atmosphere.

As time goes on, the scene replays itself in front of the coffee machine in a consanguineous circle. Even in my sitting room, face to face with another one of those idiots on TV. In a situation such as this, I would rather be plagued by a criminal suspicion, even one of those class inferiority complexes. But, unfortunately, I feel comfortable in my own skin wherever I go. So, next time I meet that stranger and size him up like a slab of meat or a bag of water and the qualifications hanging around his neck, I often hope to take it up with the man himself and not with his humanity!

Text : Souklaye - Translation : Sophie Inge

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